Product features

Ethylene Oxide concentration measurement in the range of 0-50ppm.
• Microprocessor controlled.
• Visual and audible alarm (> 85 dB).
• Adjustable Alarm Level.
• Auto Calibration
• External alarm output.
• It can be mounted on the wall.
• High reliability.
• 220V 50Hz.
• 2 years warranty including sensor.
• Up to 5 years sensor life.
• The operating voltage of the detectors is 220V-AC 50Hz- 05V-DC.
• 2 to 10 additional detectors working integrated with the detector can be connected.
• The detector in the device room communicates wirelessly with other detectors to which the measurement value is added, via RF connection, and displays all instant measurement values.
• Communication distance of additional detectors is between 1m and 150m.
• It works with digital display (Rf Wireless) with wireless data transmission.
• It works at a distance of 1 m – 150 m.
• 0 ~ 1 ppm / 99 ppm adjustable alarm feature.
• It measures Ethylene Oxide concentration in the range of 0 ~ 1 ppm / 99 ppm.
• Microprocessor based control.
• External alarm output
• Visual and audible alarm warning
• Wall mountable, ABS feature box.
• Electrochemical sensor
• The green Led lamp lights up when the detector is at standard PPM values.
• When the PPM value is exceeded, the Red Led Lamp turns on and gives an audible warning to the personnel. Audible and LED lamp warnings to personnel in the main detector also work actively with other integrated detectors.

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